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How to Select the Best Glove

  1. Evaluate the physical conditions you will subject the gloves to and determine which types of resistance are most important: abrasion, cut, puncture, temperature, etc. Physical conditions can influence chemical resistance.
  2. Consider features you need for you application: grip, length, dexterity, comfort, insulation, type of cuff, extent of coating, etc.
  3. Select the glove that offers you the optimum combination of features, benefits and resistance to both phyiscal and chemical hazards.
  4. For chemical-resistance needs, refer to our Guide to Chemical-Resistant Best Gloves-availible free at
  5. Select a thinner gauge unsupported glove when you require extra dexterity and tactile sensitivity.  Choose a heavier gauge unsupported glove for greater protection and wear.  Consider a flock-lined, unsupported glove for extra comfort, insulation and wear.  Choose a supported or cut-and-sewn glove for added cut, snag, puncture or abrasion resistance.
  6. Choose the finish you need for grip necessary for your application: rough, smooth, wrinkle, embossed, bisque, etc.
  7. Select glove lengths by determining the depth to which your hand and arm will be immersed in a solution and the extent to which you need splash protection.
  8. Select the size that gives you the right fit, dexterity and comfort. (See Glove Size Chart below)
  9. For product protection, consider the toughness, fit, thickness and degree of disposability required. Select the style that provides the most important of these features and benefits.
  10. Glove colours can often be used to help identify contamination or to designate critical work areas. Select the style most suited to your needs.
  11. When in doubt, ask your Best Sales Representative or call Best Customer Service toll free: 1-800-565-BEST
Glove Size Chart
Glove Size XS S M L XL
Hand Size 6-7 7-8 8-9 9-10 10-11

Use a tape measure to find the circumference of your hand around the palm area. This measurement is close to your actual glove size: for example 7" is equal to a size 7 glove.  Sizes can vary between manufacturers and styles. Refer to this chart for easy size comparison.

Glove Polymers and Coatings

Resistant to most acids, oils, fats, caustics and petroleum hydrocarbons.  Outstanding abrasion resistance.  Use in temperature range 25ºF (-4ºC) - 150ºF (66ºC); melts at 180ºF (82ºC)

Nitrile GloveNitrile
Synthetic rubber.  Excellent resistance to solvents, oils, greases, acids, caustics and hazardous chemicals as well as puncture, cut, snag and abrasion.  Use in temperature range from 25ºF(-4ºC) - 300ºF(149ºC)

Natural RubberNatural Rubber
Excellent abrasion, cut, and tear resistance.  Good grip.  Use in temperatures from 0ºF(-18ºC) - 300ºF(149ºC).  Works well in water soluble liquids, such as acetones and alcohols.  Not for use with oil-based solvents.

Synthetic rubber.  Superior resistance to highly corrosive acids, ketones and esters.  Highest permeation resistance to gases and water vapours.

Resistant to: acids, alcohols, oils, fats, caustics, inks, grease, refrigerants, ketones, detergents and fertilizers.  Good abrasion and cut resistance.  Flame resistant.  Performs will temperatures from 10ºF(-26ºC) - 200ºF(93ºC).

Most chemical resistant of all the rubbers and protects against such highly permeating chemicals as PCB's, polychlorinated triphenyls, benzene and aniline.  Provides excellent resistance to most solvents.

Cuff Designs

Knit WristKnit Wrist
Keeps glove firmly in place, prevents debris from entering glove, enhances warmth.  Should not be used where quick glove removal is needed.

Safety CuffSafety Cuff
Glove slides on and off easily, helps protects wrist, releases quickly from hand.  Won't soften when exposed to perspiration or washing.

Economical design allows for quick, easy donning and doffing of glove.

Provides additional protection for lower forearm, allows maximum forearm dexterity, lets glove slide on and off easily, protects wrist.

Written by Ron Cecchetto — October 03, 2013