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HotHands® SBCWS12 Cold Weather Pack


  • Up to 108 hours of handy, portable HotHands warmth for outdoorsmen
  • Safe and easy-to-use heat source for gloves, socks, and more
  • Air-activated
  • Ultra-thin packs fit easily in a variety of spots - put heat where you need it  
  • Pack includes hand warmers, toe warmers, super warmers, and emergency space blanket

Make it easier to stay warm out in the woods with the HotHands Cold Weather Pack. This versatile collection of HotHands self activating warmer pads gives you up to 108 hours of safe and easy-to-use 130º-140º heat. Ultra-thin pads fit easily into small spots, making it easy to stick them where you need them. Air-activated heat packs are formulated to deliver a constant, comforting heat.

Pack contains 2 pairs of air-activated hand warmers, 2 pairs toe warmers, 2 super warmers, and 1 emergency space blanket which reflects up to 80% of body heat.

Made in USA.

*while supplies last- 16 units remaining*