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Neutraliser Eyewash & Face-Rinse


When seconds count, Neutraliser will provide immediate first aid & neutralize chemical burns in ± 3 seconds not 10! Ingredients immediately neutralize, (a better counter- action than just saline) the acid or alkali. It responds to all accidents - chemical or otherwise - with ONE "all risks" formula. FDA recommends 500mL as a minimum rinse volume for chemical burns. 

05781600 - 80-1600-1 - 1 Litre (32 oz) bottle. 3 year shelf life.



  • Quicker rinse design - ¼ twist'n pour.
  • High buffer capacity agents in the formula.
  • Formula includes an antiseptic preventing infection.
  • 100% rinse effect by design, no re-circulating eyecup.
  • Formula licensed by Health Canada NHP 80032394.
  • Refills chemical burn 1st Aid kits (formerly Neutralite™).
  • New slim BottlePod™ bracket fits hallways, warehouse posts, fork lifts, janitor's closets and lab workbenches.
  • Now you can locate an "all-risk" solution close to the potential risk.