Northern Safety is at the forefront of creating solutions for the health and safety of manufacturing companies. We distribute the highest quality safety supplies manufactured by widely acknowledged industry leaders.

Since 1981, Northern Safety has provided occupational health and safety products to a wide range of customers throughout Canada.

Northern Safety is committed to helping our customers create and maintain the safest workplace by providing quality products and services to protect workers and their environment.

We are now part of Descours & Cabaud Canada. There are now 7 branches of D&C Canada in the provinces of Ontario & Quebec. D&C Canada is part of the Descours & Cabaud Group based in Lyon, France.

As the leading wholesale distributor in France and a major European player, Descours & Cabaud has developed its expertise over the 234 years it has been in business. In 2015, Descours & Cabaud posted sales of €3 billion. The Group has almost 650 sales outlets worldwide, including 450 in France.

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