Earmuff Dynamic PIP Buffalo NP119 Helmet/ Full Brim Hard Hat Mount (NRR26)

Sale price$39.95



Description: Full Brim Hard Hat Mounted Ear Muffs

NP119 wire earmuff for slotted hardhats offering a good adjustment setting and very good attenuation. It is specially designed for full-brim hardhats. Wires offer easy and micro-adjustment for a better fit. Its large cups offer a better seal and great comfort

  • Exceptional performance
  • Large, flexible and comfortable cushions offering equal distribution of pressure
  • Head band is made of individual spring band wire with a soft padded cushion easily adapting to the head
  • Color: Black and White
  • Design to Fit Full Brim Hard Hats
  • Can be used in combination with EPB102 wide brim headgear and A8152/60 visor on the HP642R hard hat.

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