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PR501 Face Mount PAPR


Honeywell PR501 Front Mount Assembly, Includes Facepiece with 5-Point Headstrap, Battery, Blower, and Battery Charger.

HE Cartridge (108000-H5) sold separately.

Product Description

  • Battery Type: NiCd

  • The PR500 Series is the redesigned Sperian Opti-FitTM Convertible Face-Mounted PAPR, which has been re-engineered and approved for use with the North® RU6500 tight fitting full facepiece
  • Front mount capability provides an alternate option for users who may prefer the comfort of not having the PAPR blower on their belt
  • Allows users the flexibility of converting from APR to PAPR in three different mask sizes
  • Ideal for users who need only High Efficiency Particulate (HEPA) protection
  • Lightweight unit will not slow worker efficiency
  • Water-resistant battery pack is contoured for better fit
  • ** Special Order - Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery **