S3960C Stealth Chemical Splash Goggle Uvex

S3960C Stealth Chemical Splash Goggle Uvex


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Sleek, low-profile design fits well with respirators, hard hats, or welding helmets. Lightweight body combines durable polypropylene frame and soft, flexible elastomer inner flange that seals comfortably–conforming gently to facial contours and providing superior splash protection.

Clear polycarbonate lens is coated with patented UVextreme AF coating for protection against fogging, scratches, static dust and 99.9% of harmful UV rays up to 385 nm. Wrap-around lens design improves peripheral vision. Snap off/Snap on lens replacement system lets you change lens to suit different applications and environments; also cuts eyewear program costs by permitting reuse of goggle body. Neoprene headband is textured to prevent slipping and features quick-adjust clips for easy and secure fitting.

Indirect ventilation system directs airflow over the lens to minimize fogging and improve vision–without compromising splash and impact protection. Available with light grey/charcoal grey or teal/light grey body and clear lens. Meets ANSI Z87.1-1989 and CSA Z94.3-1992 standards.