Fire Prevention & Protection

Fire Protection is an organized approach designed to prevent fires. In the event of a fire, a fire protection program will help prevent or minimize personal injuries, losses, and harm to the environment. This guideline is designed to help you develop a fire protection program, or to identify areas in your existing program that may need improvement. The basic elements of a fire protection program are discussed below.

The first thing you can do to protect your employees, your property and the environment from a fire is to do a workplace assessment. You will be evaluating your workplace for:

Next, collect an inventory of all the hazardous materials used in your workplace; this will prove useful in developing your fire prevention plan. Follow this up with a walk-through assessment of your workplace. Your inspection should answer questions such as:

  • Are all sources of ignition identified?
  • Is all wiring properly installed and of approved construction, without extensions or temporary wiring?
  • Are ventilation systems implemented and working properly?
  • Is garbage removed daily or more frequently?
  • Are aisles and floors free of oil and other flammable spills?
  • Is there an approved fire safety plan posted?
  • Is there a spill control procedure posted?

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