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6000 Series 3M Full Face Low Maintenance Respirator


The 3M 6000 Series family of low maintenance respirators has been expanded to include the 3M 6000 Series Full Facepiece Respirator. One of the lightest in weight, most well balanced available, this full facepiece respirator offers long-wearing comfort. Constructed of soft, lightweight material, the 6000 Series is available in three sizes with adjustable straps allowing for maximum comfort. No retainers or extra parts are required to attach filters, cartridges or dual airlines. Swept-back cartridges balance better on the face while their large surface area ensures low breathing resistance. The large lens provides excellent visibility, and the hard coated lens reduces scratches that can impair vision. The 6000 series is NIOSH approved for negative pressure air purifying and positive pressure dual airline applications. Just discard cartridges when gas or vapour breakthrough is detected, or when regulations dictate a change of cartridges. Cartridges are interchangeable between Series 6000 Half Mask and Full Face respirators

**Cartridges not included**