6000 Series 3M Half Mask Low Maintenance Respirator

6000 Series 3M Half Mask Low Maintenance Respirator


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Small: MMM 6100-SMALL

Medium: MMM 6200

Large: MMM 6300 

**Cartridges not included**

These models combine features of both reusable and disposable respirators to provide effective protection. Lightweight half mask style (facepiece with organic vapour cartridges weighs only 241g). Cartridges and filters attach easily with positive click-lock. Just discard cartridge when gas or vapour breakthrough is detected, or when regulations dictate a change of cartridges.

Adjustable head straps and cradle suspension provide excellent user comfort. Low profile facepiece offers excellent visibility and allows comfortable wearing of safety spectacles. Swept-back cartridges balance better on the face while the large surface area ensures low breathing resistance. Respirators come in three sizes and a number of different cartridge configurations. Each is supplied with a reusable storage bag, and is NIOSH 42 CFR 84 approved.