8814 Charguard Heat Resistant Gloves

8814 Charguard Heat Resistant Gloves


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The CharGuard™ with a comfortable non-woven liner is designed to provide flexibility and fit. CharGuard's™ black color extends its wearable life as it doesn't show dirt and grime easily. CharGuard™is designed to withstand heat exposure and multiple washings while maintaining superior tactile dexterity.

Some recommended CG applications are: hot castings for intermittent heat, lab sampling with hot glassware or moldings, plastic molding manufacturing, plant maintenance controls up to 500º Fahrenheit, food processing and service.

The CharGuard™ was designed and is manufactured in the USA in compliance with 21 CFR, parts 170-199 acceptable for food handling applications.

Launder at 40ºC (104ºF) using a neutral detergent.


Suggested Applications:

Handling Hot Objects

Food Service



Machine Assembly