Big K Anti-Fatigue Insole Cushion and Arch Support

Big KSKU: BKC W567

Size: W 5 6 7
Sale price$21.49


SKU: BKC W567 (Women's Size 5, 6, 7)

         BKC M67/W89 (Men's Size 6,7; Women's Size 8, 9)

         BKC M89/W101 (Men's Size 8, 9; Women's Size 10, 11)

         BKC M1011/W1 (Men's Size 10, 11; Women's Size 12, 13)

         BKC M1213 (Men's Size 12, 13)

K-Sole is ergonomically designed with high density memory foam and is antibacterial treated by Dupont. K-Sole provides maximum shock absorption and comfort in industrial footwear, making it far more effective than the standard anti-fatigue floor mats at reducing muscle strain and improving balance reactions. Perfect for steel toe footwear as the memory foam compresses for safe clearance. 

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