Rope Grab 5/8" w/Lanyard 2.5ft Long Non-Shock Absorbing - FP15130 - Dynamic


Sale price$125.00


SKU: DSI FP15130

Our lifelines and rope grab kits are a practical solution for many fall arrest applications. Our Rope Grab is equipped with a Panic Lock feature as well as an orientation lock out feature that will not allow the rope grab to be installed upside down. All of our Vertical rope lifelines and rope grabs combinations meet and exceed ANSI, OSHA and CSA certified. This lanyard is specifically designed for fall arrest purposes for workers weighing between 45kg (100 lbs) to 160 kg (352 lbs).


  • 30in (0,77 m) 1" wide web lanyard
  • 1 double locking ergonomic snap hook model FP6650HS
  • Panic lock feature to avoid the user holding the device open
  • Orientation lock out to eliminate the chance of wrong installation
  • Rated for workers 45kg(100lbs) to 16 kg (352 lbs)

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