Norton® Abrasives Saint Gobain - 9" X 11" Sand Paper Sheets

NortonSKU: SAI 66261131624

Grit: P400B
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9" x 11" Bulk

Aluminum Oxide Paper - Open Coat

Premium No-Fil A275 


  • SAI 66261131624 – P400B Grit (priced individually, 100/pk)
  • SAI 66261131626 – P320B Grit (priced individually, 100/pk)
  • SAI 66261131628 – P240B Grit (priced individually, 100/pk)
  • SAI 66261131633 – P100B Grit (priced individually, 100/pk)
  • SAI 66261131634 – P80B Grit (priced individually, 50/pk)
Silicon Carbide
Tufbak Durite T401/T414
Waterproof Paper – Close Coat

  • SAI 66261139362 – 400A Grit 50/Pk

Course, Medium & Fine

 Paper sheets can be cut to fit most power sanders or folded for optimum product life when hand sanding. Our paper sheets work well on many types of surfaces for medium- to light-duty applications. Some can even be used wet. And, all will give you the most out of each sheet.

For a consistent finish and exceptional performance on all surfaces and coatings, P-graded aluminum oxide abrasive. The latex-saturated, fiber-reinforced backing offers a 50 to 60 percent improvement in tear strength with exceptional flexibility for crack-free folding. This paper sheet is an excellent choice for hand sanding painted surfaces, plastics, composites, or any other material that's prone to loading, as the non-pigmented, water-based stearate coating resists both loading and clogging.

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