Insect Repellent 28.5% Deet - Aerosol Can 150g - Croc Bloc

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SKU: DEG 1243500

One of the repellents in this formula has been added

SPECIFICALLY for repelling Ticks!  

Size - 150 g * Duration - 6 Hrs

  • 28.5% DEET. Contains three repellents.
  • Extremely effective against mosquitoes and all biting insects including fleas, ticks, black flies, deer flies, gnats, biting midges, no SEE-UMS and many more.
  • 5.29-oz/150-g aerosol can with spray-through lid
  • Packaged: 5.29 ounce/150gram Aerosol can
  • Spray around shoe tops & openings in clothing
  • Suitable for use in the toughest environments
  • Portable canister designed to fit into carrying cases, tool boxes, tackle boxes, etc...
  • Part# 12435

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