Earplugs E-A-R™ Express Pod Plugs Corded "Reusable" 311-1115 100prs/Box (NRR25)

3MSKU: MMM 311-1115

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SKU: MMM 311-1115

Reusable, easy to clean and store. Requires no sizing. Ideal for noisy and dirty work environments where clear communication is essential. Also suitable for workers who have never used hearing protection devices before, who experience discomfort when inserting conventional plugs or who have difficulty rolling plugs.

Patented grip allows easy handling; unique pod design creates secure, gentle seal. Made from soft, slow recovery foam that compresses easily, without wrinkles and slides gently into ear canal for comfortable fit; then expands slowly to seal completely without excess pressure. Soft, pliable insertion grip keeps fingers well away from pod. By eliminating the need to touch sealing surface, plugs solve hygiene problems. Requiring no roll down, they go right from the package to the ear, thus reducing the possibility of contamination. In addition, plugs aren’t discarded prematurely because they’re dirty.

Express Pod Plugs reduce high and low frequency sounds evenly and need not be removed for workers to hear conversations clearly. Available with and without cords. Corded plugs come with grips of assorted colours; uncorded plugs are available with either blue grips or grips of assorted colours. All plugs are packaged one pair per pillow pack; 100 pillow packs per dispenser pack. NRR 25dB, CSA class AL.

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