Temporary Fall arrest Extension Pole & Hook Anchors - Miller® 475/ by Honeywell

HoneywellSKU: NOR 475/

Material: FULL UNIT
Sale price$1,999.95


SKU: NOR 475/ Full Unit

         NOR 475-1/ Anchor Hook Only 

         NOR 475-2/ Anchor Extension Pole Only


Note: Life Line (Rope) or Self-Retracting Life Line Required (Not Included in pricing).

The 20-ft. (6 m) fiberglass pole and spring loaded hook is ideal for use with climbing ladders and towers. Installs fall arrest systems up to 20 ft. (6 m) from ground level to angle iron, piping and related structures. 

  • Reusable and installs from the ground
  • Stainless Steel construction w/fiberglass pole
  • 400-lbs. (181 kg) maximum capacity.
  • Meets all applicable OSHA, ANSI and CSA standards

Great for Electricians doing alteration or new installation off a ladder. You can install an anchor point off the ceiling with a rope or SRL and remove it when you finished all from the ground. 

II. INSTALLATION Before installation of this equipment, carefully inspect to assure that it is in useable condition. Check for missing or damaged parts. Consult the inspection section for further details.

1. Attach the hook to the extension pole by inserting it into the receiver and aligning the pin with the hole which will lock it in position. Adjust pole to the desired length by twisting the sections of pole to release the locking mechanism. Once adjusted to the desired length, twist the pole sections again to activate the locking mechanism.

2. Attach lanyard or lifeline to the attachment ring with a locking carabiner only. Use with a shock absorber is recommended.

3. Locate and identify a structure capable of withstanding a 5,000 Ib. static load in the direction that the anchorage connector will stress it.

4. Install the hook by pushing it over the anchorage and rotating it 90 degrees. Both halves of the hook must come together for proper attachment to the anchorage. Examples of such anchorages may be small beams, angle or other structures that the device will accommodate and maintain a 5,000 Ibs. tensile strength.

WARNING: Connect to the attachment ring only with a locking carabiner.

Removal: To remove the device simply reverse the installation procedure.

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