Hard Hat Whistler Standard Brim - Dynamic PIP - HP241R Ratcheting Type 1 - CSA

Dynamic Safety InternationalSKU: DSI HP241R/01

Color: White
Sale price$17.95


SKU: HP241R/(colour)

Weighing less than 12 oz., this hard hat is one of the lightest, most comfortable protective hats on the market. High density polyethylene shell. Side slots for attaching accessories. Rain trough to shed rain out over the peak rather than down the neck of the wearer. Reinforcing ribs for extra shell strength. Ratchet suspension that has nylon tape for all weather protection. Ratchet suspensions also available separately. Vertical adjustable headband. Foam perforated vinyl sweatband. Meets CSA TYPE 1 CLASS E and ANSI TYPE I CLASS E standards.

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