Instant Cold Pack, Small, 4" x 6"

SafecrossSKU: ZZZ 14189

Sale price$1.95


SKU: ZZZ 14189

  • Ready to use and easy to activate for emergency use whenever cold therapy is required
  • Reaches 0° C (32° F) within seconds and remains below 5° C (41° F) for up to 10 minutes
  • Features a double bag construction for added quality
  • For sprains, strains, dislocations, swelling, bumps and bruising, minor burns, headaches, migraine and tension relief, muscle aches and spasms, cramps, toothaches, insect bites and stings and sinus congestion
  • Ideal for sporting activities, industry, health clubs, schools, automobiles, first aid kits, homes and cottages 

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