Type 3 Web Slings

Tuff GradeSKU: IDI TGWS0104

Size: 1"x4'
Sale price$7.29


1"X4': IDI TGWS0104

1"X6': IDI TGWS0106

2"X4': IDI TGWS0204

2"X6': IDI TGWS0206

2"x8': IDI TGWS0208

2"x10': IDI TGWS0210

2"x12': IDI TGWS0212

2"x16': IDI TGWS0216

2"x20': IDI TGWS0220


  • Polyester slings are resistant to most chemicals. Not resistant to acids, aldehydes, ethers and strong alkalins
  • Type 3, 2 Ply, double eye



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